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Church LED Rental

Outdoor Digital LED Church Signs 

Churches looking to reach new faces, need to stay modern. The easiest way to stay in touch with your community is a digital LED sign, or an electronic reader board. Digital signs are helping churches get their message out to the surrounding area. Nobody wants to spend the time to change plastic letters in the freezing cold or sweltering heat. Changing your message on a digital LED church sign takes just a few seconds, and is done wirelessly from inside your office. What do people see when they drive past your church? A traditional church building can often be very intimidating for new faces. A vibrant led digital sign can display your warm greeting, inviting new members to come inside and feel welcome. Don't close your doors because nobody knew you were there. Get your message seen on a beautiful HD full color sign for under $500 per month. Please call us today to apply for financing and have your LED sign out front of your church in just a few days! 

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" I've been very happy with the sign. We used it to promote our 5 Sonic burgers for 5.95 and our ice cream cone special. We noticed an increase on those 2 deals the first day we used the sign!  "
- Murdoch - Manager Sonic Restaurant

" I was very happy with the sign. My store is a bit off the road and below grade so walk in traffic needed a boost. This sign no doubt contributed to our open house being a success. "
- Dale Woods

" The Roll Out digital led sign we rented, increased our business by 25% in one week! "
- Bill

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