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The Importance of Promoting Your Own Sales Events

 As a small-business owner, connecting with customers is crucial to the success of your sales events. While hiring a marketing professional can be beneficial, many business owners are now managing their marketing efforts in-house. Regardless of which media channels and promotional messages you incorporate into your marketing campaign, managing it all on your own can lead to increased sales leads, a better company reputation, more developed customer relations and lower costs.

Increased Sales Lead Captures

Using an outside marketing agency to promote your sales events can cause you to miss out on potential customers. You will naturally have access to the contact information of those who attend your event, make a purchase or otherwise convert. However, the marketing agency may not provide you with all information collected during the promotional process. This might be due to contract restrictions, technical error or lack of doing. Managing promotions in-house means having more direct access to every comment, inquiry and email, increasing your chances for connecting with and capturing that potential customer.

Better Reputation Management

Online reviews, recommendations and ratings can make or break your business, as overwhelming numbers of consumers use the Internet to influence their purchasing decisions. To properly manage negative feedback about your business, you must provide an honest response in a timely manner. As the business owner, you’re more likely to react quickly to customer feedback and respond appropriately. A sincere apology or explanation means more to customers coming from you than it would from your PR agent. Setting up simple Google Alerts with your business name allow you to track and manage negative and positive feedback.

A better understanding

In-house promotion gives you a direct connection to your target audience, which can be great for crowdsourcing. Your customers can offer added insight into their needs, which you can apply to future promotions and product sales. A marketing agency is more likely to focus on the promotional event at hand than on your business as a whole. You can apply the findings from your direct promotional techniques to future goals and sales plans, making adjustments that are likely to increase success.

Budget friendly Campaign

Marketing agencies charge for their services. While there are an unlimited number of options, including different marketing channels, promotional messages and campaign terms, you will pay some type of fee to outsource these services. Managing your own sales event promotion allows you to spend the amount of time and money on your campaign that fits your budget. Up-front costs can be significantly less without the added consulting fees. 


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