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There are events happening every day across the country. These events range from business grand openings, to weddings, fundraisers, political campaigning, parties, festivals, and more! 

What makes your event successful, is how well you promote it. 

How many times have you been to an event that had you asking yourself, "am I in the right place?" Outdoor LED sign rental is the ultimate answer to small business, organizations, and event promoters. Most organizations have no need for an expensive sign year round, and it only makes sense to promote it near the events location. A Roll Out Special event sign is exactly what you need. Roll Out Industries makes renting a powerful and portable digital display affordable for youor your organization. 

Roll Out Digital outdoor signs are designed to be the most effective small business advertising on the planet! Outdoor advertising is extremely effective, however the cost are often much more than a small business can afford to advertise using conventional billboards. Unlinke billboard size digital displays seen on the side of all major highways, roll out signs are designed to move! Roll out signs are fully independant and require no outside power source unlinke the large billboards of the past. Being even more effective, due to its spurratic locations and ability to be moved anywhere due to its integrated power source. We invite you to check out a roll out distributor near you and see why a roll out digital outdoor advertising sign is - dollar for dollar, the most cost efficient advertising solutions for small business in the world!

" I was very happy with the sign. My store is a bit off the road and below grade so walk in traffic needed a boost. This sign no doubt contributed to our open house being a success. "
- Dale Woods

" I've been very happy with the sign. We used it to promote our 5 Sonic burgers for 5.95 and our ice cream cone special. We noticed an increase on those 2 deals the first day we used the sign!  "
- Murdoch - Manager Sonic Restaurant

" The Roll Out digital led sign we rented, increased our business by 25% in one week! "
- Bill

“While the world is focused on digital developments, the outdoor advertising industry lives and thrives.   Its global share of ad spend continues to grow”.. 

Source: Digital Tonto,

These reach more people for a dollar than any other media, but are limited to a picture and no more than eight words”. (until now!)

Source: Entrepreneur Magazine,

 “Outdoor advertising margins are, reportedly the envy of the media world with operating margins normally above 30%. Even in the crisis year of 2008, Clear Channel reported operating margins of 22% (vs. 32% in ’07) on their US outdoor business in their SEC filings”.

Source: Digital Tonto,