Who rents Roll Out LED portable message centers?

*January – Early each year, we are typically fully booked out to Gyms/Weight loss centers and Tax preparations.

*February – Primarily restaurants and schools will book these for Valentines Day related events.

*March – Early June usually are small business sales, festivals, church events, and restaurants.

*Late June – July Fireworks stand typically book every unit available (book early)

*Mid July – Sept will be Primarily festivals, churches, and Fall sales.

*October will primarily Halloween related events. Costumes and haunted houses / corn mazes. (book early)

*November we are always booked out for campaigns.  We offer special rates for full month rentals. (Book early)

*December will be holiday sales (Christmas, Black Friday, New Years) Typically these will book 2-3 months in advance.

Holiday rental rates are 2x for the week of the holiday unless booked 30+ days ahead.

*Payment must clear before the unit will be delivered.


Communicate directly with potential clients on site. Internet ads, billboards, radio, and TV reach large numbers – but are they your numbers? Are your customers hours away or driving by daily?



Don’t need a permanent sign for a temporary event? A Roll Out Sign trailer rental is the perfect solution. Park it anywhere with ease. Unconventional marketing is incredibly effective for events.



Political attacks include clickfraud when campaigning online. Radio & TV are hard to track playtimes. Reach people daily on their their regular driving patterns and build a personal connection.


Check out These examples

How to get Instant advertising results

We currently live in a generation of instant gratification. Microwaves are too slow and on demand movies take too many seconds to load. So how can we provide advertising solutions to that deliver?

There is no other more efficient form of marketing than on premise, dynamic outdoor messaging. Messaging that can change with the weather, schedule messages so they are never out of date, experiment with color combinations, and A/B test with instant feedback.

Not every application needs a permanent digital display or has power at the available location. Thats where Roll Out portable messaging units shine the brightest.

Our outdoor all weather LED sign trailers have an on board power option, allowing them to deliver messages in the most unconventional places. This is what makes them incredibly effective. From church retreats and flea markets, to intersections flooded with political campaign signs, our trailers do the job no other marketing campaign can deliver.